• クオリティの高いヘンプ商品を会員価格でお求めいただけます
  • オートシップ: オートシップ(定期購入)ができます。
  • リテールカスタマーとVIPメンバーは返品・返金が可能です。
  • VIPメンバーは、商品を毎月購入するとポイントが溜まり、そのポイントでお好きなPMB商品を注文できます。購入しない月があると、溜まったポイントは消滅します。
  • バックオフィス、ダッシュボード、販促資料などが利用できます。


VIPメンバーが商品を購入すると、紹介者の方には紹介ボーナスとして、購入額の 25% をお支払いします。このボーナスをカスタマー紹介ボーナス Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB) と呼びます。

  • 例)VIPメンバーが$89(米国価格)の商品を購入すると、紹介者は$22.25 の紹介ボーナスを受け取ることが でき、さらにレジジュアルリワードとして、購入商品額の20%が 7 レベルに渡って発生します。




We are excited to introduce a major Rewards Plan enhancement that could dramatically increase your ability to generate income from each Customer.

Introducing PrimeMyBody’s VIP Customer Program: Now LIVE, when Customers visit your website, they can either purchase any one of our products at full retail price or they can choose to become a VIP Customer by Enrolling for $1.00  (normally at $39.00)!

VIP Customer Perks:

  • Wholesale Pricing for all of our beloved hemp-infused products
  • Set up a monthly subscription and never worry about running out of your favorite PMB products
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee for both our Retail Customers & VIP Customers
  • You can earn, save and spend PMB Points on any of your favorite PrimeMyBody products! If the VIP Member does not purchase each month, then they will lose all accumulated PMB Points – details coming soon!
  • Back Office Dashboard, Educational Tools & Resources

While the list of perks is incredible, the enhancements don’t stop there, as we have to share what this means for YOU as the Sponsor of a VIP Customer!

When you enroll a new VIP Customer through the front of your replicated website, the commissions paid to the sponsoring Affiliate have been greatly enhanced! For any order placed by a VIP Customer, the sponsoring Affiliate will earn 25% of the wholesale purchase price paid, also known as Customer Acquisition Bonus, in the PrimeMyBody Rewards Plan:

  • For example, if a VIP Customer purchases a bottle of FOCUS for $89.00USD, then the sponsoring Affiliate would earn $22.25! Then, 20% of the total purchase price will be allocated to our 7-Level, Residual Rewards portion of the PMB Rewards Plan.

This change means that 45% of the new VIP Customer’s purchase is being paid out in our Rewards Plan, which is a HUGE enhancement for you and your teams!

To accomplish these major enhancements, Reward Points will not be generated when VIP Customers purchase products.

After careful consideration and working alongside our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jonathan Chen, we feel absolutely certain that these changes will greatly enhance and simplify your ability to continue building a life-changing business, using our life-enhancing products, that people around the country and world are in absolute need of. 

Please stay tuned to additional training details, including an enhanced Rewards Plan training with our CEO, Paul Rogers, as he carefully rolls out these changes in a manner that is simple, and easy to understand. In the meantime, be sure you have downloaded our most up-to-date version of our PMB Presentation and Rewards Plan, as our VIP Customer Perks and more are referenced in an easy-to-understand layout.

Cheers to being rewarded like never before, and of course, to the PrimeLife!